Facebook Development

Did you know that Facebook has over five hundred million users and is an excellent way to advertise your product or service. With that said, at CodeRangers our elite Facebook application developers create fantastic Facebook applications.

Here are the Facebook applications we develop.

  • Social and Role Playing Games
  • Strategy, Shooting, Tycoons and Fantasy Games
  • Multiplayer and Sports Games
  • Quizzes and Trivia
  • Gifting, Brand Awareness and Reminders
  • Utilities, Just For Fun, Trends and Fashion
  • Social Campaigns and Causes
  • Applications Add-Ons, Fund-Raising, Avatar Building and Galleries

As well, we create applications for Facebook that are:

  • Attention Grabbing
  • User Friendly
  • Target Market Focused
  • Utilized with Elite Tracking Technologies and Application Management
  • Found in Facebook Directories
  • Leaders in Promotional Advertisements and Specialty Brand Marketing

Facebook Fan Pages

The 'social waters' are bottomless with Facebook Fan Pages and CodeRangers will ensure you connect directly to your target audience for amazing exposure and maximum gain.

Facebook Connect Integration

By utilizing Facebook Connect Integration you will be taking advantage or all the amazing opportunities Facebook offers. To start this will help drive traffic to your side and increase your bottom line. CodeRangers will help you take rise above the crowd using their expertise to ensure you take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities Facebook holds.

We are one of the best Facebook Application and Game Development Company's around and will work with you to set out a plan and using our expert services we will make it happen. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions and we would be pleased to offer our elite services to you.