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Who does CodeRangers develop for?
CodeRangers only create apps for businesses, brands and agencies. We do not create apps for individuals. Having said that, we are willing to works with some individuals under our own circumstance, if the project have large scopes.

How much will an app cost me to develop?
There is no typical cost of an app. However, CodeRangers apps start at around $1,000 and we're developing apps for as much as $100,000. Price will be quotes depend on the complicity and the resource that will be used to complete an project.

Can I still make money out of an app?
There have been some very successful apps that have made a lot of money on the app stores.

However, as there are now over 320,000 apps out there, unless you have a large marketing budget or a strong brand behind your app, it is unlikely that you will make significant money after the development costs are taken into consideration.

There are 2 way of making revenue.

  1. Paid app: – Sale your app for little as small cost e.g. $0.99. if your app sold 100 per day then you able to make it $2970 per month.
  2. Free app: – Place networks ads and earn revenue from the impression. E.g. Angry Bird game making million of pounds.

So why are there so many apps being produced?
There is no end to what apps can do. Many businesses now see how an app can improve their business processes, extend their brand identity, increase their marketing reach and improve their communication internally and with clients and suppliers, so there are still great opportunities to develop new apps.

So if I am a brand or a business what's the next step?
If you want to develop an app, you can contact CodeRangers directly and have a chat to us about your app idea, or if you prefer, you can fill in the form below and we will give you a call.

Alternatively, you may want us to come up with an app idea that will suit your business or brand.

How do I get a quote for my app?
After we've had a good look at your app brief, CodeRangers will then give you a rough guide as to how much that app will cost or, for larger apps, we will suggest a feasibility study to enable us to give you an accurate quote to develop your app.

Can someone call me?
We'd be delighted to. Please fill in the form below and we'll call you ASAP.

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